“The Big Bang Theory,” the smash hit sitcom about four socially inept geniuses and the women who love them, has been a machine for making money for almost a decade. Naturally, the powers that be are looking for ways to squeeze out more lucre from the show. So, the inevitable spinoffs are being mulled. The first one that has been greenlit for development has the working title of “Sheldon” about the tortured, arrogant, but intelligent off the charts, Sheldon Cooper.

The show seems to be a sort of “Malcolm in the Middle” but instead with the boy genius Sheldon growing up in 1990s Galveston, Texas.

The family consists of a drunk, absent father, a religious zealot but kind-hearted mom, an older brother, and a fraternal twin sister.

Sheldon’s memories of his childhood are of an unrelenting hell, of being constantly beaten up by the neighborhood kids, of being like an alien in a human body living in a land that he barely understands as he learns the mysteries of science and math. At first glance, one wonders where the comedy gold is in this situation.

Let us not fail to mention the likely caricature Galveston, Texas is likely to be depicted as.

Hollywood people do not understand the unique, diverse culture of Texas.

On the other hand, Sheldon did go to college when he was 11 years old. A 12 or 13-year-old at a university among 18 to 21-year-olds has some possibilities. We don’t know where he went (my vote would be for Rice University, where all the smart kids in southeast Texas go.) Later the young Sheldon attends Heidelberg as a visiting professor.

Spinoffs of favorite sitcoms rarely work, the exception being “Fraser” based around a character from the 1980s hit show “Cheers.” But “Sheldon” is going to be in the hands of some first-rate talent, so some hope exists that the spinoff may have some legs. Everything depends on the acting and directing talent that gets hired to execute the project.

In the meantime, the original show does not have any signs of ending soon.

Some of the guys have already gotten married, and one couple has a baby on the way. “The Big Band Theory – The Next Generation?” Why not? The 21st Century is going to need more socially inept geniuses to advance the frontiers of science.

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