It's Thanksgiving: it's such a great occassion to have a lovely family dinner and reunite with all your relatives. Considering that you will be stuck at home, what about a thrilling marathon of the best Thanksgiving episodes? This my list of the best 7 episodes that are set during this special American holiday.

2000's Thanksgivings- 'Gilmore Girls', 'Friends' and 'Buffy'

With all these TV's resurrections, it's now a sure thing that old TV's glories will not easily be forgotten. In the 2000s there were so many great TV Series, let's focus on three cult TV shows: "Gilmore Girls" which will debut its new mini-season tomorrow, "Friends" and "Buffy".

"Gilmore Girls" 3x09: "A Deep-Friend Korean Thanksgiving" is an hilarious episode that is focused on four different thanksgivings celebrations. Our beloved Lorelai and Rory will attend four dinners because they don't want to say no to any of their friends. A must-see

"Friends" 5x08: "The One with All the Thanksgivings" is the best thanksgiving-related episode of the sit-com. It is funny and has so many interesting flashbacks that explore the group dynamic and Monica-Chandler's relationship.

"Buffy" 4x08: "Pangs" is hilarious. Spike and the gang have this problematic dinner that combines demons, native Americans and an unforgettable quote from Anya: "To commemorate a past event you kill and eat an animal.

It's a ritual sacrifice. WIth pie."

'How I Met Your Mother', 'Grey's Anatomy' and 'New Girl' are spot-on

From the cult TV series of the first 2000s, we can now go straight to the latest funny and entertaining holiday-themed episodes.

"How I Met Your Mother" 3x09: "Slapsgiving" is a cult. Marshall gives this name to the holiday in honor of his first slap bet with Barney and this is the point from where it all begins.

"Grey's Anatomy" 2x09: "Thanks for the Memories" includes so many loved characters as Christina, Izzie and George. The episode is a heartbreaking ride towards this special celebration.

"New Girl" 2x08: "Parents" will introduce Jess' parents and their day at her apartment will be full of surprises.

'Parenthood'- a heartfelt hour of television

Thanksgiving means family, and "Parenthood" is the best family drama of the latest years.

"Parenthood" 2x10: "Happy Thanksgving" hits all the right notes: there are huge fights, a football game and heartfelt moments that have characterized all the Parenthood's six seasons.

That's it. If you loved watching TV's marathons during the Halloween's weekend, you should definitely repeat the experience during this weekend.

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