When "The Bachelor" began filming in September with Nick Vaill as the bachelor looking for love, fans were split. Nick has some strong supporters, but he also has lost some of #bachelornation since his first appearance in 2014.

We know from "Reality Steve" that Nick gave the first impression rose to Rachel Lindsay. As it turns out, she is the first African-American contestant on the show to get that honor and still be part of the Final Four. But how far does she make it? Keep reading if you want to know. Major spoilers are coming next.

And the Final Four are...

When the Final Four contestants of "The Bachelor" facing Nick in a Rose Ceremony were Rachel Lindsay, Raven Gates, Corinne Olympios and Vanessa Grimaldi. "Reality Steve" tells us that Corinne was sent home as the others prepared for overnight dates with Nick.

The foursome went to Finland. Once the overnight dates were completed, the next Rose Ceremony was held. This is when Nick sent Rachel home and kept Vanessa and Raven for his Final Two.

Nick is finally engaged!

The final day of taping was November 18th. Nick Vaill did indeed drop to one knee and ask one of the ladies to be his bride. Vanessa said yes, and the two are now officially engaged!

The show will begin airing soon and the couple will be required to stay under the radar until the final show of "The Bachelor" airs. According to "Reality Steve", there are doubts about the longevity of this union, however.

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Reality TV

Nick Vaill was taking acting lessons in Los Angeles prior to this last stint on the "Bachelor" franchise. He is focused on an acting career and possibly Hollywood. Nick is hoping his next invitation will be to join "Dancing With The Stars, " but there is no word yet if they are interested.

"Reality Steve" has a great record of calling these relationships. Remember Jo Jo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers?

He said the relationship wouldn't last. He is already saying this about Nick Vaill and Vanessa Grimaldi. According to his blog, he feels that Nick is actually more interested in his career than marriage.

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