"The Bachelor" 2017 is moving along at a rapid rate in filming. Its been four weeks since the cast of 30 women met Nick Viall and as of now the show is down to the final four. At this point, Nick has a pretty good idea as to who's going to be the one he may end up with. He may also have a pretty good idea as to who he WON'T end up with. Given this is the 35-year-old's fourth time at trying to find love in the franchise, hopefully he'll find it this time!

Secretive season for filming

Not much in the way of photos has been leaked this time around.

Reality Steve is surprised so little has surfaced online with Nick's season of the show. When the cast was in St. Thomas and the Bahamas, it was the only explanation for no images of the cast getting out on social media. Since they've been in mainland USA, there's still minimal information getting leaked.

Final four rose ceremony details

Reality Steve has spoiled that two of the four finalists for hometown dates are Rachel Lindsay and Raven Gates. He leaked in "Bachelor" spoilers on Friday that the final four rose ceremony takes places in New York City at the William Vale Hotel in Brooklyn, concluding the hometown dates.

Everyone is asking "The Bachelor" spoilers guru who the other two are, but he continues to withhold that information. Steve hasn't confirmed if the other two are women he's already named.

Three weeks remain in filming until Nick Viall chooses his soulmate, if there's a woman he falls in love with. Reality Steve said it may not be until taping ends when he'll release the names of other two women. Chances are he'll have mercy on his readers and spill what he knows.

He went on Twitter Friday to dole out some clues, but no one is guessing correct. He wrote "chicken parm" for one girl and "Survivor" for another one -- neither of which is much to go by! He did confirm that "Survivor" winner, Michelle Fitzgerald, won't be on the show. There were rumors that she was going to be on Nick's season, but he debunked it.

Other 'Bachelor' spoilers

Reality Steve added that the overnight dates and rose ceremony will happen in Finland.

An exact location hasn't been disclosed, but Helsinki has winter temperatures at this point. It's a radical departure from the franchise's norm of heading to tropical locations for those romantic sunset engagements, but evidently there are some changes for Nick Viall's season!

"The Bachelor" 2017 premieres on Monday, January 2 on ABC at 8 p.m., ET/PT.

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