Nick Viall is handing out roses this winter as ABC's “The Bachelor” 2017 lead and fans are anxious for a scoop regarding what lies ahead. Gossip guru Reality Steve is spoiling the season once again and he has just reviewed some details regarding the locations for the overnight dates and final rose ceremony. What has he revealed?

Which country scores the final dates of 'The Bachelor' in Season 21?

Reality Steve'sBachelor” spoilers indicate that the three overnight dates, final two dates, and final rose ceremony will be held in Finland for Season 21.

This is the first time that the show will be filming there, and it is rather unusual for these last outings on "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette" to be filmed in a wintry location like this. Typically, production chooses places where there can be exotic dates involving bikinis, boats, and outdoor adventures.

Many will remember that Ben Flajnik's last dates were done in Switzerland, and recent seasons have utilized places like Thailand, Jamaica, Bali, and the Dominican Republic. Kaitlyn Bristowe's overnights happened in Ireland, but there were some unusual switch-ups and filming location changes in play for that season that led to atypical choices.

Which bachelorettes will be around for a while in Viall's season?

Which three ladies will get overnight dates with Nick Viall? Reality Steve's spoilers haven't released those tidbits quite yet, but he has shared the names of two of the four ladies who reportedly get hometown dates. Rachel Lindsay and Raven Gates are going to be introducing the “Bachelor” lead to their families, but everybody will have to wait and see whether they also head off to Finland for overnight dates as well.

Will Nick Viall find love this season? “The Bachelor” spoiler fans are buzzing about this season and people will be quite curious to see if a true fairy tale romance emerges when all is said and done. Filming will be completed soon and Reality Steve's spoilers will then reveal all of the supposed tidbits about the final rose and storylines ahead.

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