Bardock is very similar to his son Goku and the difference between them is that Bardock has a scar or Star on his face - specifically on the face like the one that has Yamcha. Bardock's armor is the armor worn by Saiyajin fighters of the green color, along with shin guards and bracelets of green with red. He also uses a green tracker in his right eye, sometimes uses it in the left. He also uses a handkerchief on his forehead that has a red color after it is soaked with the blood of Torah.

History of the warrior

Bardock is among the most powerful low-class warriors in existence.


When Bardock entered with the Freezer soldier and his full army his power was for the 10,000, and it is said that Bardock could rival King Vegeta, Vegeta's father. It is so strong that it is known that he was able to defeat the Elite Dodoria and he was at a disadvantage at the time. According to '' Dragon Ball Carddass '' the power or level of fighting by the Saiyajin Bardock is 9,000 while that of the Freezer soldier was between 9,000 and 10,000. When Bardock decides to transform into Saiyajin Base his power increases drastically, easily defeating Chilled.

According to the "Dragon Ball Z games: Shin Budokai - Another Road", Saiyajin Bardock's fight level depends on the reading that marks his marker to determine the strategy that he could use in the approaching battle and thus be efficient at the time of fighting .

Among the characters on Bardock's team were his wife Gine. This team together managed to make a living traveling to different planets where they killed the inhabitants who were on them and prepared to sell it on to the organization commanded by the soldier Freezer.


Bardock was mainly the idea of Toei Animation and this came to be seen after the film "Dragon Ball Z: The battle of Freezer against the father of Goku '' when this personage made an appearance on the sleeve. Goku's father appeared in two panels in a flashback of Freezer as well as the one that had the destroying god Bills-sama. Planet Vegeta was destroyed along with all the inhabitants that were in it, and among these was Bardock.

His appearance in 'Dragon Ball Super'

When they were debuting the chapters of the tournament created by Champa-sama, there could be noticed between several battles a personage behind the whole thing, with the same appearance as Bardock