Oil rig or not, Luna can’t escape “The 100”’s next global disaster. Another apocalypse is bearing down on Earth’s, and this is one battle the Floukru can’t avoid. As the leader of the pacifist clan, Luna has worked hard to put distance between herself and the peoples of the mainland. Now, however, season 4’s impending nuclear meltdown will draw Nadia Hiker’s character back into the fray.

What is Luna up to on ‘The 100’?

Last time we saw the Nightblood, she sent Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and co. packing – and with good reason, too.

A member of Lexa’s (Alycia Debnam-Carey) conclave, Luna fled Polis after killing her brother in the first round. As the clock ticks down on Apocalypse 2.0, viewers will get to see just how skillful the potential Heda really is. After all, had she stuck around, she was expected to win the conclave.

“Luna so much stronger than Lexa, and they need to prove that,” Hilker told Blastr during filming for episode 9. “Luna is kicking ass, things are getting bloody.”

From the sound of it, you can defiantly expect Luna to break out some killer moves.

Whether she will trust her allies, well, that remains to be seen.

“Nadia says Luna is closest to Murphy but she is reluctant is trust him or any of #The100,” Tiffany Vogt of Seat 42F reported from “The 100” set last week.

Can ‘The 100’ survive?

The Arkers made their way to Earth during a brief window of habitation.

Manipulation of their genes and nearly a century in space made the Sky People strong enough to withstand the residual radiation on the ground, but an impending nuclear meltdown could put the final nail in the coffin of humanity. While ALIE’s City of Light could accommodate the entire population (at a steep cost, of course), Clarke and her cohorts won’t be able to find that level of safety.

“We’ll see the atmosphere deteriorating.

We’ll see nature acting in really crazy, scary ways and, eventually, it will be clear to out heroes that there is no stopping it, it’s only, ‘How do we survive?’” series creator Jason Rothenberg told EnStars. “Of course, then it’ll be, ‘There are not enough lifeboats.' How do we decide who gets to live and who gets to die?’”

Find out more when ‘The 100’ returns to The CW in early 2017.

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