Finally Shonen Jump magazine this week has released the synopsis of chapter number 68 of the Dragon Ball series. This episode could begin with what some speculate as a small saga of stuffing before the new arc of Akira Toriyama. In this will return Arale, Champa and Hit to the series, at least they are officially confirmed. However this mini saga could have revealing details about future content. One of them is the fact of creating a new time machine.

Synopsis episode 68

Title: Shen Long Appears, Who Will Be Fulfilled?

Synopsis: Does Kaio come back to life? Which of the wishes will Shen Long give?

Goku gathered the dragon spheres of Earth to resurrect Kaiosama. But when he invokes Shen Long, Master Roshi and Android 18 want to get their own wishes too.

This week, Bulma: The time machine again? Creating time machines is a crime, however Bulma manufactures her own machine in secret so that Bills and Wiss do not know aboutit. Anyway you have lost the main piece, will you try to have Shen Long to fulfill your wish?

Well this episode is probably quiet yet familiar. Among the other wishes will be that of Gohan that seems to have to do with the health of Pan, who is still a baby.

Time Machine

The time machine was created to jump in time.

However, very few chapters ago since Shen Long had been called, which happened before the tournament saga between universes 6 and 7. If we say that the last saga could have been in the year 780 now we should be in year 781 since the Dragon spheres are unusable until one year is passed between each call to the Dragon God.

On the other hand, Bulma is working on a new time machine that will be the door for new trips to the future or the past. Will they re-create timelines in the next saga? For our part we believe that no, but in the future there may be new temporary journeys, perhaps in future sagas. Or maybe Bulma looks for the way to contact Trunks from time to time.

Note: This information is not 100% confirmed, is just a hypothesis based on ComicBook of the saga.

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