After Lydia remembered the word Stiles in last week’s “Superposition,” the “Teen Wolf” gang has to figure out just who Stiles is. Of course, the search for Stiles isn’t the only thing going on as Liam, Hayden, Corey, and Mason set out to protect another student from the Ghost Riders.

Beacon Hills needs better background checks

The episode opened on the newest high school teacher, Mr. Douglas, trying to get through a lesson, but needing his trusty tank of stolen helium to help him breathe. It’s revealed to the audience that he’s the werewolf from WWII that the doctors had imprisoned last season.

This reveal would have had more of an impact on the audience if it hadn’t already been revealed in the season six preview put together by MTV. It’s a little unfortunate that the network spoiled that for the viewers because the scene would have actually been much more tense if the audience wasn’t sure what kind of supernatural being he was.

Another student goes missing

The audience might not know Phoebe, but her sister sure does. Phoebe is the latest to go missing, but Gwen is the only one who remembers her.

Funnily enough, even though Hayden doesn’t remember Phoebe at all, she tries to help, telling her sister the story of the Ghost Riders, only to be blown off by the girl, who is sure Hayden is making fun of her.

I have to wonder though -- if they all know the legend of the Ghost Rider, why are any of them surprised when someone mentions a person they don’t remember? Why the hesitation to accept that the person has disappeared?

The group plans to keep Gwen safe from the Ghost Riders she’s seen, but their plan doesn’t exactly work out well as the Ghost Riders are able to get through mountain ash, leading to a tense confrontation that ends with Parrish and the Ghost Rider standing off, and the Ghost Rider backing down, at least for now.

Corey brought the Ghost Rider into the visible spectrum, which means pretty much everyone at Beacon Hills High is in danger now.

Things can’t ever be easy, can they?

The search for Stiles

Scott and Lydia are busy trying to figure out what a “stiles” is, and at first, they aren’t having much luck. As the pressure on Malia causes her to turn into a coyote in the middle of the school day, it leads to a conversation with Sheriff Stilinski that reveals “Stiles” is a family nickname, one his father used.

The older Stilinski, unfortunately for Scott and company, has dementia, so getting him to focus is a bit of a problem. Once Lydia figures out a way to get him to hone in on their conversation though, Elias Stilinski clearly has been paying attention to the goings on in Beacon Hills as he knows quite a bit about Scott’s father, and apparently, even remembers that he has a grandson, though the scene doesn’t get farther than that.

Malia needs to learn control

I like Malia. In fact, I like her a lot. I like how blunt she is and I like that she doesn’t try too hard to conform to typical human sensibilities. What I don’t like is that she can’t seem to control herself at all without Stiles around. Malia is strong, smart, and capable despite spending a decade as a coyote, she’s adjusting to being a teenage girl pretty well. It undermines her character to make her incapable of any semblance of control without Stiles around.

What’s up with Lydia and the trains?

The theme of the visions Lydia has been having is trains. She’s heard a train, been told stops are being canceled, and yet, we haven’t seen a real train in Beacon Hills.

Could we have a “Harry Potter” situation on our hands here? In “Harry Potter,” the afterlife is represented as the King’s Cross train station where people have to decide whether to take their train or not. Could we see the same idea with those who have disappeared?

The verdict

I found the introduction of Grandpa Stiles fascinating as we get hints that Stiles isn’t completely gone. I’m also looking forward to the much larger fight as the Ghost Riders set out to take all of Beacon Hill’s teens.

4 out of 5 stars.

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