After the season premiere of “Teen Wolf,” Stiles has been erased. For fans mourning his loss and worried about just what happens next, ‘Superposition’ does a great job at exploring just what the characters would be like without him.

Corey gets a storyline

Last season, Corey was introduced as a member of Theo’s pack and a love interest for Mason, but we didn’t really get to know him. That changes this season. We get the obvious tension between Corey and Liam as the two don’t really know how to deal with both their animosity and their relationships with Mason, but we also get to see that energy directed towards getting things done, prompting Corey to discover that he can actually pull objects left behind by the Ghost Riders into the visible spectrum, making him integral to taking them on and getting missing people back.

Everyone has that missing memory

Showing just how important Stiles is to the lives of those around him, all three of his closest friends have a sense of deja vu in this episode. We know that it was Lydia who was the last to see him and remember him in the first episode of the season, and while she’s also the first to notice that something is missing in her life, it’s so great that the show doesn’t forget that Stiles is important to other people too.

I love that we see a callback to the first season as Scott attempts to help Liam with his lacrosse skills, only to find that Liam doesn’t really need any help making a goal.

The scene is one we’ve seen with Scott and Stiles in season one, though Stiles had a lot more difficulty making his shots.

Malia is in a new relationship, but it’s not one that’s satisfying her, and she can’t figure out why. She also realizes that things she remembers doing alone, she could never have done by herself. Her highlighting “styles” in a different color in her textbook might be my favorite though as she stares at the word, but obviously doesn’t know why the word is important to her.

Lydia, of course, gets the most “missing memory” moments on the show, though we don’t have to say that they’re all a result of her connection to Stiles before he vanished. As a banshee, she’s also sensed when things are wrong in the past, not just when someone’s about to die. Fans of the possibility of a romantic relationship between the two are thrown a bone when Lydia remarks, “I think I loved him,” and even just two episodes into the season, it seems like these two are bound to end up together.

Mrs. Stilinski

This has got to be bittersweet for fans. The loss of Sheriff Stilinski’s wife has been this lingering dark cloud in the background over the entire series. It’s heartbreaking to think of Stiles and his father, two of the biggest fan favorites of the series, being left without this woman, and now, we get to meet her -- but it’s at Stiles’ expense.

It’s not entirely clear why Stiles being wiped from existence would mean she exists now, but seeing the sheriff get to have happy moments with his wife is a double edged sword. We all want him to be happy, but we all also want him to have his son back, even if he can’t remember him yet.

That last line

Way back at the show’s beginning, Stiles was nursing a crush on popular girl Lydia Martin, but she didn’t even know he existed. When she finally heard mention of his name, her first questions was, “What the hell is a Stiles?”

Fans who have stuck with the show since it’s early days will most definitely appreciate that moment. It might be an honest question after she created an image of the name, but with the exact wording the same as when she first took notice of him, it’s also a sign that she won’t forget him forever, right?

The verdict

Strangely enough, even without Stiles physically appearing in the episode, I actually loved this one more than the season premiere.

Even without Dylan O’Brien stealing scenes out from under his co-stars, his presence remains huge on the show and you really get a feel for what the characters mean to each other.

4 out of 5 stars.

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