Addiction and alcoholism are painful brain diseases that ravage the mind, body and soul of a human being. The "Teen Mom OG" stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra know the power of that insanity through their mother and father. April was an alcoholic, and Butch was dependent on crack cocaine. Turbulent lifestyles were normal, and the constant moving, using and abusing plagued this couple throughout their adolescence. Prison sentences, erratic mood swings, bottles of liquor and crack pipes were typical worries that these star-crossed lovers battled.

The year 2009 birthed a bittersweet gift in the form of a baby. Lowell was pregnant with her first child, and Baltierra assured her that adoption was the best route. Their daughter, Carly, was born that May. She left the hospital in the arms of her adoptive parents Brandon and Teresa Davis. Seven years later, Lowell and Baltierra own an expensive home, have written a best-selling novel and raise their second child Nova. The scars of their past have not healed, and theycontinue to pick at those scabs.

The aftermath of adoption

Lowell and Baltierra are candid about their love of marijuana. The married twosome smoke the substance because itprovides relief from worldly pressures. The sixth season of "Teen Mom OG" films Lowelldriving while high with her mom, April, in the passenger seat. Both women were excited about thearrival of Lowell's $3,000 mini-pig Pickle. Unfortunately, the next morning produced a gut-wrenching scene with Lowell in tears over her struggles with anxiety and depression.

She booked a flight to an Arizona treatment center to receivethe help she needed and deserved. Heraffair with weed began when she was in her early teens, and she could not sever the relationship.

Addiction is a familial disease

One week after Carly's debut, Lowell and Baltierra were arrested by cops for possession. They pleaded guilty, paid a fine and were freed from legality. Baltierra's dad, Butch,settled his own dues with the law, and after his release in 2015, he stayed with his son and daughter-in-law.The recovering addict recently celebrated his first year of sobriety, and heappears happier and healthier.

Hopefully,Lowell and Baltierra canfollow in those footsteps. They have another toddler now, and sheis worthy of theupbringing Lowell and Baltierra never experienced.

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