The "Teen Mom OG" finale airs on MTV tonight at 9 p.m. Prep the popcorn, grab the snacks, and drink some drinks because the upcoming episode will dish some entertaining drama. Married couple Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell have overcome difficult situations their entire lives, and viewers love to see their progress. Baltierra has housed his father Butch since his recent release from prison. His celebrated sobriety is one year strong, and his family believes he is no longer in a liaison with drugs and alcohol.

However, a promo shows a distraught Baltierra talking with Butch over the phone. The plausible convict misses his parole for the first time in a year, and relapse is a likely reason. Hopefully, the incident is due to oversleeping or a late work shift.

Sip some tea, and imbibe some Instagram

The latest video on Lowell's Instagram is a few seconds, but her followers are quick with their quips. Some women believe that the filmed, foggy wisps are secondhand smoke. Lowell is known for her avid use of inhalants.

During Season 6 of "Teen Mom OG," her stint in rehab stems from her crippling struggles with anxiety and depression. Before her breakdown, cameras shot smoking pot with her mother April, and the next day, she crumbled under the cocktail of despair and panic. Even though she seems happier, some of her devotees worry about her mental health.

The pros and cons of marijuana

The popular hallucinogen is a classic among American youth.

The effect can induce a mix of relaxation and euphoria. However, a person's physiological reaction to this drug can produce negatives such as: anxiety, paranoia, drowsiness and impaired cognitive functioning and motor skills. Some patients hail medicinal marijuana as their miracle. Unfortunately, adverse upshots can occur from perpetual abuse. According to a CBS article "What smoking marijuana does to the brain," substance dependency can trigger a noticeable difference in IQ, motivation and interest.

Many people unwind with either a beer in hand, joint in mouth, or both in simultaneous fashion. Regardless of preference, a salubrious mindset is always a top priority.

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