Farrah Abraham is known for her loud mouth, voluptuous figure and controversial decisions. From simple Instagram pictures to filmed altercations, fans of the series "Teen Mom OG" either love or hate her. The latest backlash stems from Abraham's abrasive opinions about her co-workers Amber Portwood, Maci Bookout and Kailyn Lowry. MTV paid for the trio to board a cruise ship as a promotional event for the televised program, but Abraham will not attend because of her caustic attitude. According to gossip rags and online outlets, Abraham publicized her views with brutal honesty.

Abraham chooses laughter over tears

Her noticeable distress is evident with her words. A RadarOnline exclusive reports Abraham's thoughts, and she states, "I'm laughing at how extra Teen Moms have to try to insult me to promote the wack cruise they're trying to sell. Unlike them I don't need to share with other girls to get a company to give me a free cruise and make others pay for it." Abraham seems a little jealous about MTV's bold rejection. However, she further explodes with dangerous slander.

She accuses Portwood's fiancé Matt Baier of pedophilia by saying people do not desire to "play beer pong all day with pedophile boyfriends." Her outlandish accusations have many negative ripples that wash over so many lives. Unless she has sound evidence, her irate allegations can create irreparable rifts between her close friends and herself. Hopefully, Abraham can channel her outbursts in positive avenues such as: parenting her daughter, Sophia, overseeing her business ventures and talking with Dr.


Simon Saran dishes some dirt

Farrah Abraham's contentious relationship with Simon Saran has caused her more trouble than not. His antagonistic perspectives remind everyone of his insecurity, and his outlandish comments are more disturbing than Abraham's. RadarOnline documents his tantrums for the public to peruse. He says, "Considering Maci just had b**** rubbed over her face in Vegas and Amber is endorsing a 50-year-old naked man in a book, they seem like much more family-friendly candidates."

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