Ryan Edwards has led a rough path on "Teen Mom OG." His most recent problem was in relation to the questions regarding potential drug use after he appeared to be high on an episode of the MTV show. Fans may have noticed he had a new woman by his side when questioned about the incident.

Earlier this year Ryan was dating Jordan Brown. She is a makeup artist from Nashville that joined him for the filming of "Teen Mom OG" season 5 reunion show. She was discussed during that filming but a short time later the couple called it quits.

Ryan and Kenzie are living together

After an argument with his father, Ryan has moved into a house owned by his mother's family. His new girlfriend, Mackenzie Standifer, has moved in with him and they have been living together for a few months. When wedding invitations went out, Maci and Taylor included the couple on the guest list.

On last night's "Teen Mom OG" we saw that Maci wanted to invite the couple over for dinner to have a chance to get to know Mackenzie before the wedding. Of course there was nervousness going in but there was also excitement.

Mackenzie was happy to get the chance to get to know Bentley's mother on a more personal level.

Putting Bentley first

The two couples and Bentley had a great dinner together with lot of laughter and smiles. During dinner Maci even said she considered Mackenzie cool. The effort of both parents and their partners to have a positive relationship with each other for the sake of Bentley is impressive.

We don't know much about Mackenzie Standifer yet.

Her social media accounts are private and she is just making her debut on "Teen Mom OG." In a search of the internet, there is a wedding registry for a Mackenzie Standifer and Zachary Stephens with a wedding date of September 14, 2013 in Birchwood, Tennessee. Chances are good that this is the same Mackenzie we met last night on the show.

As time goes on her story will come out. Will she and Ryan stay together and continue to work with Maci and Taylor, putting Bentley first?

Will we meet her children?

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