During the filming of the "Teen Mom OG" reunion show with Dr. Drew Pinsky, Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood almost came to blows. The doc asked Simon Saran, Farah's on-again, off-again boyfriend, about his comment on social media saying Matt Bauer looked like a pedophile. Instead of keeping her mouth shut and letting Simon answer the question directed at him, Farrah chimed in that Amber's boyfriend did resemble a pedophile. Amber was infuriated and determined to stand up for the honor of her man.

She flew across the stage at Farrah and it was all down hill from there.

Amber and Simon both tweet their thoughts

The bickering and banter has gone on between the two and of course Simon wants to put his two cents in as well. It seemed to be making a turn when Amber Portwood took to herTwitteraccount to say that responding to the negative comments only made her feel bad in the end. She considered leavingTwitterbut a fan posted a nude pic of Farrah. Amber took the bait and the comments started again.

Though Farrah hasn't responded, Simon Saran weighed in. In Simon terms, it wasn't as rough as we are used to.

Two moms pull their kids from the show

After the reunion fiasco with the physical altercation, Farrah becomes the second "Teen Mom" to pull her child from the filming. Maci had pulled Bentley when Farrah returned from her brief time away. After her son was asked if she was the mom that had done porn, Maci made that decision.

Well, now Farrah wants to pull her daughter from the show which will make it difficult to film her. She is a single parent with one child and the entire purpose of her being on the show is to see her in that role. What does she add to the storyline without delivering on the story of a single mom?

The "Teen Mom OG" cast started on "16 and Pregnant."Even some of the cast seemed surprised when MTV signed them for another season.With all the drama started at the reunion show, the public bickering on social media, and the refusal of half the moms to let their children be part of the show, this should be an interesting season.

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