"Teen Mom OG" has followed the cast from "16 and Pregnant" as they grew into adulthood. As the franchise expanded, the original girls still have a great following. Fans have seen them grow into adults and watched the path they chose for themselves and their children. Having recently announced the show has signed for a season 7, MTV has already begun filming. All the girls are there and will be a part of the next season but could that be it for one of them?

Farrah explores options

According to The Real Mr.

Housewife sources close to Teen Mom OG say Farrah will more than likely be leaving the show. She is beginning to look at other options for her future that don't include the "Teen Mom" franchise. Fans who have been paying attention aren't surprised, however. She has had problems with every member of the cast at one time or another. The reunion taping for season 6 got really out of hand because of her mouth. An all-out brawl was started when she said that Amber Portwood's fiance Matt Bauer looked like a pedophile.

Farrah's father ended up with his hands around Matt's neck when he jumped in to pull Amber away from Farrah.

Farrah is "odd man out"

The upcoming fan cruise that is set for next year was another sign. Farrah was shunned and not asked to join the fun. This on the heels of her nasty reaction to not being invited to Maci Bookout's wedding.

The "Teen Mom OG" special "Ask the Moms" which aired last night was the final clue fans needed.

All of the girls showed up except Farrah. The show went on and was great. That is what sources say will happen to "Teen Mom OG". It will continue on and be fine without Farrah as one of the stars.

Farrah has her hands full with many business ventures, family issues, and dating issues. She is still not sporting the beautiful engagement ring she bought herself and Simon seems just as distant now as always, She is as nasty to her mother as ever, and her parenting skills seem to be a topic of conversation on social media more often than not.

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