Gun control advocates, don't mess with "Teen Mom2" Leah Messer or her ex-husband Jeremy Calvert. The gun rights pair got shot down for giving their 3-year-old girl Adalynn a ginormous firearm. The two photographed her standing next to the weapon which towered over the child. Calvert and Messer blasted away at critics who were concerned for the child's safety and the wisdom of giving a kid a gun bigger than herself.

'Teen Mom' child wants to shoot coyote with dad

Leah Messer is proud of daddy's girl Adalynn, who asked to go hunting so they could bag a coyote. The "Teen Mom" posed the smiling child with a huge hunting rifle.

It appears to be a 50 caliber and capable of taking out an elephant. Messer snapped back at questions over the child's safety. Mom said obviously it's not loaded and the little one is holding it (or trying to), so get over it. Calvert said he wants his daughter to learn to safely use weapons and is proud that she loves guns. He tagged the social media photo"NRA all the way."

'Teen Mom 2' Leah Messer blasts gun control "idiots"

Messer told all the "idiots" out there to mind their own business. But many fired back that gun control iseveryone's business, especially with mass shootings and deaths of kids with guns. Messer may keep her weapon unloaded and locked (the correct way) but many parents don't.

40 percent of kids live in homes with unlocked, loaded guns. Calvert and Messer both faulted critics for being unable to protect families should someone enter their homes. Given that the gun in unloaded it's hard to see how they could protect anyone. In many states, it's illegal to shoot someone just for entering your home.

Also, it's a pretty big weapon for self-defense--overkill, literally.

'Teen Mom' Adalynn loves guns, or dad?

Anyone who knows anything about parenting knows that kids often show interest in their parents' hobbies not because they care two hoots about or know anything about it. They just know that someone they love loves it.

They figure it's a good way to get parents to notice them or take an interest. At three-years-old, a child has little idea of what she's doing. It's doubtful she could even hold firearms let alone shoot them "safely." The fear for little Adalynnand all kids is that shooting is not age-appropriate and that they will try to do it to please parents. It might be best not to take parenting tips from a reality TVmom (Messer) who lost custody of two other kids for questionable parenting.

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