"Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham is under fire once again, this time the 25-year-old single mom of daughter Sophia (7), is being bashed across social media after posting a photo earlier today of Sophia drinking what appeared to be a weight-loss and detox tea that Farrah is endorsing. Instagram users went off on the reality TV mom, instantly bashing her parenting skills and questioning her common sense.

Farrah Abraham's bad mom choices revealed!

Farrah shared the photo with a caption that implied that Sophia needed to use the weight-loss tea and detox tea after consuming her haul of Halloween candies and treats.

As you can well imagine this did not sit well with social media users who began firing off ugly comments and insults --calling Farrah a horrible parent. This is nothing new for the "Teen Mom" star who has grown accustomed to being judged by users at every turn.

'Teen Mom' star laughs off another social media bashing

Abraham, who appears to be currently promoting the weight-loss detox tea reportedly allowed Sophia to drink the tea which states on the packaging that it contains laxatives, aids in reducing bloating, increasing energy and metabolism while helping to flatten your tummy area.

So basically, as per the usual with like products, no guarantees, no promises, just in case anyone was wondering.

Despite that, not only do some social media users believe Farrah Abraham could be allegedly harming her child physically by allowing her to ingest the tea, she is also, once again setting a terrible self-image example for the impressionable little girl.

However, Farrah Abraham once again claims everyone is wrong about her and that people are getting all riled up over nothing, saying that Sophia did not drink the weight-loss tea, nor is she promoting the product.

Farrah claims Sophia actually had strawberry milk in her cup, and that she is the one drinking the tea.

As far as using Sophia to help promote the weight-loss detox tea, Farrah Abraham again says no, but there sure has been a lot of publicity for all involved surrounding the product and Sophia, so you make the call.

Once again this would not be the first time Farrah Abraham has been accused of using her daughter Sophia to gain publicity, and it most likely will not be the last.

"Teen Mom OG" fans can catch the latest episode on Monday nights at 9p.m. on MTV.

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