"Teen Mom" Catelynn Lowell wants to lose weight. She gets nagged about being overweight, but herweight loss keeps getting wrecked in ironic ways that will shock you. The very people who claim to be helping are sabotaging her progress. When the Reality TV mom learns to ignore fat-shaming, passive-aggressive folks, get help for her mental health issues and start using her own good judgement, the pounds will melt off.

'Teen Mom' Tyler Baltierra speaks with forked tongue

Lowell's new husband Tyler Baltierra is supposed to be the "Teen Mom OG" star's biggest supporter. He promised in the wedding vows to accept her as she is, not let anyone put her down, remind her how pretty she is, etc.

But in the first months of their marriage, he's done some putting down. The producer even stepped in when he said he didn't want a "fat heifer" for a wife. He nags her about what she eats and often drops broad hints that thereality show star is eating too much. He seems to second-guess Catelynn on Weight Watchers and portion sizes. And Lowell is gaining weight.

'Teen Mom' needs ignore button for shaming

Catelynn proved she could lose weight before her wedding. When baby Novalee was born, mom had gained 60 pounds which she trimmed down. But this undermining and questioning will send her right to the comfort food. He's pretty fit, eats the junk food himself, and then shames her for eating the same thing.

Hypocrisy makes dieting so much harder. She tries to lose weight to please him and turns to food when he criticizes. It's time for the young mom to stop listening to fat-shaming and start working at weight loss for herself.

'Teen Mom' root of problem ignored

Everyone's so focused on the symptom and the Band-Aid--weight gain and dieting--and not the root of the problem which is probably postpartum depression.

Depression is notorious for causing weight problems, even obesity. Catelynn might have a hygiene problem and always wears the same sweater. These are linked to postpartum. Mothers just don't care about themselves and turn to comfort eating as a coping mechanism. She could ask Octomom how substance abuseproblems, drugs, alcohol, even pot, exacerbate problems as depressants dull and amphetamines give false highs followed by crashes.

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