Reality star and 'Teen Mom 2' cast member Jeremy Calvert received massive backlash for an Instagram photo showing his 3-year-old holding a rifle nearly twice the size of her. His daughter,Adalynn, is all smiles posing next to the gun. Calvert made it a point to assure his 306,000 followers that the gun was unloaded at the time of the photo. In the caption, Calvert says his daughterasked to go hunting. To calm down followers, he also wrote,"P.S. yes people it’s a gun and it’s also unloaded get over it."

But people clearly didn't get over it.

The comment section was flooded with followers yelling foul on the photo and questioned his parenting skills. The 27-year-old fired back with another lengthy post that read in part: "Okay to all you idiots, i was taught the correct way to handle a firearm at a very young age, and guess what so will my child."

Jeremy Calvert has had enough with his critics

Not only did the "Teen Mom 2" and former "16 & Pregnant" star fire back at his naysayers but the heat might have been too much. The Instagram post showing his toddler posing with the gun has been deleted off his page.

On Wednesday, Calvert posted this quote from slain Navy SEAL Chris Kyle,“I began teaching my son how to shoot when he was two, starting with the basics of a BB rifle. My theory is that kids get into trouble because of curiosity—if you don’t satisfy it, you’re asking for big problems. If you inform them and carefully instruct them on safety when they’re young, you avoid a lot of the trouble. My son has learned to respect weapons."

The 27-year-old says his daughter is in great care and that his gun is stored responsibly.

But his plea still wasn't enough to make some of his followers cool down.

Fans come to Calvert's defense

Not everyone was up in arms about the photo of the firearm. Some followers supported Calvert's decision to introduce guns to his toddler. Before the post got deleted, supporters say they too were also around guns and learned to respect them at a young age. Others say it doesn't make you a bad parent if you show your children the proper way to handle guns.

Calvert'sex-wife Leah Messer was not a fan of the photo

According to Us Weekly, "Teen Mom 2" member Leah Meeser was "horrified" by the post. The source exclusively tells the magazine the reality star and mom of three doesn't support that type of photo. Messer and Calvert divorced in 2015 and are co-parenting their 3-year-old girl.

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