Just as Jules and Ophelia start to put the whole Carter debacle from the “Sweet/Viciouspremiere behind them, Ophelia takes the lead on a new target. Despite Jules wanting to use caution, Ophelia jumps in with both feet and makes a mistake.

Tyler is looking for Carter

Jules and Ophelia might be trying to put the death of Carter behind them, but there’s one very simple reason they won’t be able to - Tyler is still looking for him, and so are the police. There’s now a warrant out for Carter, and though Ophelia decides on snowboarding as Carter’s cover story, that alibi doesn’t last long.

The decision to have Jules fall for Carter’s stepbrother is a great one.

It adds a layer of tension and prolongs the conflict that kicked off the whole series. At some point, someone is going to figure out that Carter is dead. It might not be Tyler, but if Tyler ever finds out the truth, there’s going to be a very interesting crossroads for their relationship.

Ophelia makes a mistake

While Jules has worked alone in the past, with Ophelia wanting to help make a difference, the latest target is perfect for her -- someone that a girl met online. It gives Ophelia a chance to use her impressive skillset, but she misses that the girl was actually catfished by a hacker herself.

Why is this plot point so important early on in the series? Because it shows that Ophelia and Jules aren’t perfect.

These two aren’t the Green Arrow in their lair, but a couple of students doing the best they can. It also answers the critics who want the girls to have proof of sexual assault having occurred. When Ophelia realizes her mistake, she doesn’t just assume that all men are predators; she seeks out the right guy instead.

Jules third wheels it

How awkward is it that Nate is in her room while Kennedy is in her bed complaining about him? Jules is both the best and worst friend ever in this situation. As we watch Kennedy forgive Nate for acting like a jerk, Jules is sitting rigidly next to her on the verge of a panic attack, and the audience’s collective hearts break for her.

She’s kept the secret that her best friend’s boyfriend assaulted her for so long now that she probably feels like she physically can’t tell Kennedy what happened.

Kennedy though doesn’t strike me as the best of best friends. How does someone not notice just how thoroughly Jules has changed? Sure, Jules hides some of her anxiety at parties and pretends to drink, but her entire demeanor changes around Nate. She cringes, she pulls away, she babbles, and she is never, ever, comfortable. Why is Ophelia the only one to pick up on it when she lives in a house of women who see him all the time?

Backstory and world building are the order of the day

Not only do we get to know Kennedy a little better and see that she doesn’t just put up with Nate acting like a self entitled jerk, but we also get to know Madison and Harris a bit more too.

Madison being pre-law with a mom who is a judge is something of a surprise, but she’s been so entertaining with her airheaded nature and her interactions with Harris, that I have no doubt she’ll keep surprising us throughout the season. I can’t wait to see what she and Harris get up to.

Ophelia and Jules share more than just noodles

They might have already agreed to work together, but it’s this episode where the two get personal and actually seem to let one another in. Jules isn’t comfortable talking about her dating life after being raped, but she and Ophelia discuss Tyler (and by extension, Carter), over a cup of hot noodles. They came together out of necessity, but now, they’re actually friends.

The verdict

This might be my favorite episode of the first three. While we still get the stylized violence and a little mystery, we also get to know some of the other characters a bit and see just how Ophelia and Jules react under pressure.

4 out of 5 stars.

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