New on “Survivor” tonight, Millennials vs Gen X, on November 30th, castaways will get a visit from their loved ones but this could take another turn if Adam used his advantage to steal a reward. Even though he has a good cause since his mom is dying of cancer, he’s kept this to himself so they might not be sympathetic.

“About To Have A Rumble”

That’s the episode title, and as the castaways hit the arena on Day 31, Jeff Probst brings out their family members. Sunday’s hubs is there and that’s enough to set both David and Adam crying on each other’s shoulders.

Everyone will find out who came to visit and then they will play for the reward of getting to spend the afternoon with their loved ones. Everyone knows Adam has the advantage and they’ll be furious if he uses it, unless he spills the cancer story.

Another Johnny Fairplay?

Since Adam has kept the story to himself for this long, they might not buy it and think he’s pulling the Johnny Fairplay stunt of lying about a death in the family. If you recall, Johnny saved himself from possible eviction by pulling that lie out of his hat.

He laughed about it later and when Johnny is asked about it, to this day, he still laughs. No one wants to be played for a fool, so it will be interesting to see if Adam decides to play the advantage and how he explains himself if he does. Only Survivor knows...

Push Me, Pull You

Tonight’s individual immunity competition is the Push Me, Pull You challenge that we’ve seen before where castaways hold a pair of handles that pull in opposite directions.

When their arms get tired and they can’t hold the handles that keep a heavy bar in place, it drops and shatters a tile.

When your tile is shattered, you’re out. There’s a small chance this could be the reward challenge versus the immunity, but maybe not. Usually the challenges to visit with loved ones play out faster. Survivor doesn’t often leave families hanging around while the castaways play an endurance competition.

“Survivor” tonight is on CBS at 8 pm EST.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes video of the Push Me, Pull You challenge:

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