Tonight’s “Survivor 33” spoilers for season 33 episode 8 "I'm the Kingpin" show three tribes merging into one and the Millennials and Gen X survivors must learn to live together. The episode starts with tree mail that reads, “Congratulations castaways. You made it to the merge!” The new tribe is branded “Vinaka.”

Merge and the trip to Vanua

The Vanua tribe’s camp will play host to Takali and Ikabula as they all become one large group ready to do battle on a one-on-one basis. There are hugs all around and then the new larger tribe heads off to face Jeff Probst and the first individual immunity challenge.

Jeff welcomes them all and says the first immunity challenge of the merged tribes “a Survivor classic.” It’s the challenge with a bucket of water over their heads and they have to keep their arms up to prevent it from tipping, drenching them, and marking their loss of the shot at immunity.

Super soaker bucket challenge

“Survivor” spoilers say Jeff reminds viewers and competitors both that they used to do this challenge with one arm but this time it’s harder with both arms held over their heads grasping a bar. When the Survivors’ arms fall, their bucket tips and they will be soaked. Each is set for their individual height and if their arms move even a little, splash, and you’re out of the race for the first individual immunity idol in Millennials vs Gen X.

But there’s more than just this challenge at play. Taylor is still angry at his tribe over ousting showmance pal Figgy.

New alliances cross generational lines

Adam is hoping for new alliances since Taylor is angry at him. Zeke and David’s alliance will send them into the merge with hopes for more numbers.

Chris is worried others will come after him because he’s literally a big target and a major physical threat.

Zeke says, “Now is when we start destroying people’s hopes and dreams.” Hannah says, “I can’t trust any of these people.” The high point of the merge is a feast for all to enjoy so they go into the individual immunity challenge and some games at camp involving a coconut toss.

Hannah and Zeke bond with Gen Xers and the search for alliances and numbers begins as soon as the other two tribes hit the sand at their new merged tribe. “Survivor 33” spoilers say we’ll see another castaway booted tonight and it’s time for them to think about ousting the strongest.

“Survivor 33” Millennials vs Gen X season 33 episode 55 “I’m the Kingpin” airs on CBS tonight at 8 pm.

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