"Survivor" spoilers for season 33 episode 9 of “Millennials vs. Gen X” offers more angst among the Millennials because Taylor just can’t let go of Adam voting out Figgy and he seems willing to blow up his game to get his nemesis out at all costs.

Taylor won’t let it go – could it bite him?

In case you forgot, both Adam and Jay have individual immunity idols. But Adam also has the extra advantage. He’s got one that will let him steal an advantage. Taylor knows about the advantage Adam found, but not about his immunity idol.

Taylor says, “I’m gonna put a massive target on his back” talking about Adam in the latest “Survivor” promo for season 33 episode 9.

Jay tells Taylor, “Dude that will ruin his game – do it!” This brain trust of Millennial dudes wants to tell the rest of the merged tribe about Adam’s secret advantage.

Reward challenge for booze and beef

We’ll see the “Millennials vs Gen X” combined tribe play for cheeseburgers and cocktails on season 33 episode 9. It’s an over/under obstacle leading to a high grab key culminating in a two-person team tossing a pair of heavy balls tethered by a rope “Survivor” spoilers show Chris and Hannah will serve as captains and then there’s a schoolyard pick for teams. Chris recruited Ken, Chris, Bret, David, Sunday and Taylor. Hannah got Adam, Will, Zeke, Jay and Jessica.

“Bo Diddley” individual immunity challenge

A new “Survivor” spoilers promo for season 33 episode 9 of “Millennials vs.

Gen X” shows tonight’s individual immunity challenge should be an upgrade on “Bo Diddley.” Survivors must stand on a slanted board just a few inches wide. They will hold a bow-shaped wood contraption (bow as in the thing that shoots arrows) and a wooden ball rests on top. You must hold up the wooden bow, keep yourself balanced and keep that ball from falling off or you’re out.

This could be another win for high schooler Will who’s strong and has stamina.

Adam vs Taylor at Tribal Council

“Survivor” spoilers say that neither Adam nor Taylor wins individual immunity and they may go head-to-head at Tribal Council unless an unlucky third-party wanders into the sights of the tribe. If Taylor can convince the tribe to target Adam and he catches wind, he’ll just play his idol.

That could result in Taylor being ousted. If Taylor can’t put aside his petty quest for revenge, he needs to drop his beef with Adam if he can manage to outlast episode 9’s tribal. Last time, Michelle was eliminated and became the first juror and she’s at Ponderosa chilling out.

A preview of Ponderosa and jury

In a new “Survivor” CBS promo video, we get a look at Michelle’s stay at the juror ranch of Ponderosa. You can see the full video below. After being voted out at the last Tribal Council, Michelle hopped on a boat and was given a Milky Way and was taken to Ponderosa.

A weigh-in shows Michelle lost 12 lbs and she was shocked at how gaunt she looked in the mirror. She settled in, was happy to have a razor after almost a month, is enjoying lots of food, alone time, and quality sleep in a luxury bed.

After tonight, it seems she’ll have another Millennial to keep her company.

“Survivor” season 33 episode 9 “Still Throwin’ Punches” airs tonight on CBS.

Check out the "Survivor" episode 9 promo:

Check out the "Survivor" episode 9 promo of the reward challenge:

Check out the "Survivor" Ponderosa jury promo:

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