Five-year-old Egypt Dean beat his famous Mom, Alicia Keys by writing his own song nine years sooner than she did. His song written and performed by Egypt has hit social media and the "Super Boy" ballads are a definite sign that one day this super-gifted confident young muso might rival both his parents in the music arena.

Alicia was 14 when she composed her first song after she got her major in choir from the Professional Performing Arts School. She went on to become an American singer, songwriter, pianist, actress, record producer and philanthropist. Her show-biz debut was in 1985 when she was a year younger than her talented son Egypt Dean when she appeared in the Cosby Show.

'Super Boy' songwriter Egypt has lots of music fun with his family

Egypt Dean has got a lot of talent and having two super-talented parents obviously influenced him towards the music scene. Dad, Swizz Beatz the American hip-hop recording artist and record producer from New York City helped to post the debut 'Super Boy' number up onto Instagram, where the couple has often posted charming pictures of their children and showing the fun family life they have together.

Watch and listen to debut 'Super Boy'

Social media being what it is - enthralled and captivated people who just loved the cute little guy who plays the piano like a pro and sings so confidently soon had the video up on Youtube and Twitter.

Take a look at the debut number "Super Boy" performed by songwriter and singer Egypt Dean -

The video which was posted up on Youtube by 24Mix tapes describes Egypt Dean as "a Beast!" But in a nice way.

Being around musicians, recording, and performances ain't new for the cute little guy with a huge future in the entertainment scene.

The oldest son of Alicia and Swizz, Egypt has appeared on video before. Back in April 2016, TBHM Wet News reported that " It looks like Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys are getting their son started early! He's been seen all over the Internet displaying his skills at only 5 years old! Who better to learn from than Pops himself?" This effort involved the young lad making beats on a beat pad.

Will the Egypt Dean debut number called "Super Boy" become a hot favorite on social media? Indications are the thumbs ups are going viral.

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