The "Steve Harvey Show" will end its run in Chicago when its contract with NBC is up in May 2016. The popular daytime talk show has aired for five seasons since 2012. This doesn't mean the end of the show, however.

What's next for Steve Harvey?

According to the Chicago Tribune, Harvey will launch a new television show in Los Angeles beginning in September 2017. A name for the project hasn't been released yet, but it'll have the same format his program is known for.

The show is taped at NBC Tower in the Windy City but will end next spring. An NBC spokeswoman confirmed last week that Steve is relocating to L.A.

and that up to 100 workers at the Chicago studio were notified of the decision.

Steve's next show will be co-produced by himself and IMG, a media company in New York linked with WME, which represents the famous comedian/TV personality. This will be a big move for Harvey in more ways that one since he'll have ownership in the new show that's set to be distributed by NBC Universal.

Steve Harvey's new show will feature more celebrity guests and is cited as one of the reasons he's saying goodbye to Chicago and hello to L.A. Right now everyday people are on Steve's television show looking to him for advice when it comes to relationships, family issues, and romance. His comedic charm and genuine nature appeal to his audience and that contribute to his show's raging success.

L.A. location means more celebrities on show

With Steve Harvey filming in L.A., he'll have a larger selection of celebrities to bring on his show. In the past year or so he's had more celebrity guests who weigh in on various topics addressed or they share their own personal struggles that fans can relate to.

The move will also make Steve's life easier when it comes to travel. He already films "Family Feud," "Little Big Shots," and other shows that require he constantly fly back-and-forth to Chicago. This will alleviate a big part of that hassle. Other talk show personalities in the Chicago area have left the city for L.A.

or New York, such as Phil Donahue and Oprah Winfrey.

Are you excited to see what the next Steve Harvey show will look like next year?

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