Steve Harvey just can't get enough of hosting television shows. As of now he hosts the "Steve Harvey" Talk Show in Chicago. For over four years, his daytime talk show has been taped at NBC Tower in Chicago. That will end in May 2017. Harvey will close down the Chicago-based show and is starting another talk show that will be based in Los Angeles in September 2017. While on hiatus between seasons, he will get ready for a brand new talk show with a different focus and perhaps a different name. Harvey has been careful to say he is ending the Chicago-based show instead of saying he is relocating it to a different location.

That is because there will be distinct differences between the two shows.

Current 'Steve Harvey' show

Steve Harvey has been doing well with his talk show in Chicago for almost five years. He has won awards for it, but as a successful businessman, he believes he can always do better and achieve more. Therefore, he is phasing out his Chicago-based show and heading to Los Angeles to start fresh. As of now, Harvey has ordinary people as his guests. In Los Angeles he will be able to have more Celebrities as guests.

Because the two talk shows will be so different, it is wise to close the door on one show and open another door on a new show.

Upcoming 'Steve Harvey' show

One of the main differences with Steve Harvey's new show is that Harvey will have ownership and creative control of the new show. Even though the change will benefit Harvey, it was a surprise to many who have watched his talk show since he started it on September 4, 2012.

While other daytime talk shows have been canceled, the "Steve Harvey" show has been successful. It has won several awards, including People's Choice Award, three Daytime Emmy Awards, and an NAACP Image Award.

It is not unusual for television shows to relocate and change names. Remember the "Tonight Show" has been in several different locations since the show began. It started out in New York City in 1954.

Since then the late night television show has moved to Burbank, Chicago, and Los Angeles. In fact, it moved back and forth from these cities more than once. Harvey is doing what others have done in the past. The only drawback is that with a new show that has a new location and a new name, it is possible that it will have to build up its own statistics. In essence, it will be like starting over.

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