According to the "Steve Harvey" daytime talk show, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel declared November 14 as "Bernie Mac Day" in Chicago in recognition of Bernie's life and legacy. Every year from now on, people in Chicago can celebrate November 14 in remembrance of the Comedian who died on August 9, 2008. He died at the age of 50 because of sarcoidosis, a disease that causes inflammation in tissues. Bernie had suffered from that disease for three years before his death.

Kings of Comedy

Steve Harvey and Bernie Mac were close friends and fellow stand-up comedians.

They belonged to "The Original Kings of Comedy" which also included D.L. Hughley and Cedric the Entertainer who joined Harvey for the first reunion since their friend's death in 2008. Mike Epps, another legendary comedian, joined the conversation via satellite from Bernie and his wife's alma mater. It was the reason he was at the Chicago Vocational High School on the Southside of Chicago. Along with the principal during the live announcement, Epps revealed to Bernie's family that the school auditorium will be renamed in Bernie’s honor.

This was a big surprise to Rhonda and her daughter Je’Neice McCullough who were at the taping of the "Steve Harvey" show. By the way, that's the place where Bernie and Rhonda were high school sweethearts.

The comedian

Bernard Jeffrey "Bernie" McCullough was known by his stage name, Bernie Mac. He was born and raised in Chicago. The comedian was well-known and loved by everyone who had heard one of his funny jokes or seen him in movies.

Even though the actor died eight years ago, his movies are still shown on television.

Harvey became very emotional as he read the mayor's proclamation and tribute to the comedian and actor. Bernie’s family was also overcome with emotion during the announcements about the special day and about the renaming of the school auditorium. While on the show, Bernie Mac’s wife took the opportunity to talk about the Bernie Mac Foundation that was set up in her husband's memory for sarcoidosis awareness and treatment.

She also talked about the love she had for her husband.

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