Steve Harvey is making headlines for being accused of making racist remarks against white people. According to RadarOnline, he has a lawsuit against him for going into a racist rant that could have negative repercussions on his career. He allegedly was caught on tape saying hateful things. An investigation has been going on for two months to get to the bottom of the accusation.

Recordings of racist rants

One of Harvey's former employees claims he has recordings of the talk show host going on insane rants.

Joseph Cooper said the comedian urged his fans to “spit on white people!” and “go assault old white women!” It is ironic that Harvey has already filed a lawsuit against Cooper for using the recordings to extort $5 million from him. The Dallas native tried to sell old recordings of comedy routines made more than 20 years ago when he was working for Harvey. The comedian and television host contends that Cooper is trying to embarass him now that his television career has taken off.

Harvey vs. accuser

Harvey's lawyers believe Cooper is trying to put his former employer in a bad light with those who have contracted him for hosting gigs. It has been reported that Cooper has literally contacted officials Harvey works for to tell them about some damaging things that took place when he was working for the comedian. Harvey said Cooper is doing this to try to influence him to pay for the tapes.

On several occasions, Cooper has stated that if the tapes were released they would negatively affect Harvey's successful career. He is totally convinced that Harvey's fan would turn their backs on him if they knew what was on the tapes. As far as Cooper is concerned, Harvey is "the worst person on television."

Cooper's tapes

Cooper said he has tapes covering 120 hours of Harvey's racist rants. He was hired by Harvey in March 1993 to videotape his stand-up comedy performances at the Steve Harvey Comedy Club in Dallas.

Harvey performed there until August 2012. Since those days, the stand-up comedian has built up a net worth of over $100 million from his radio program, television hosting jobs, books, and movies based on his books. Harvey believes Cooper's main goal is to ruin him and the successful brand he has established.

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