Timeless” took a week off so that “Saturday Night Live” could air an election special in its time slot, but it returns on November 14 with a trip to the 1970s and secrets exposed in “The Watergate Tape.” Beyond that, the team could go anywhere in time, right? NBC has revealed just when they’ll be traveling in the next two episodes.


Episode seven, called “Stranded” will see the group traveling even further back in time than they have so far, before the United States of America even formed -- to 1754 to be exact.

According to NBC, this trip will be the “true test” for the team in their work chasing Flynn (Goran Visnjic) down.

The team might be following Flynn to 1754, but with a title like that, we’d expect that they’re in danger of being stuck. Flynn though, will continue urging them that he’s not the bad guy, and this time around, the audience will even find out what his true intentions are with all the time travel he’s been doing.

Also going down in this episode? Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) will be tasked with trying to set up a line of communication that the time travelers can use in the past to contact the company in the future.

Space race

As teased way back in the pilot episode when Flynn was looking at Lucy’s (Abigail Spencer) journal, the team will be involved in America’s space program in episode eight, fittingly called “Space Race.” Set during the Apollo 11 mission, the team chases Flynn as he manages to get himself on the inside of mission-control. If he reveals his true motives in the previous episode, the team must still not have a reason to trust him.

Also happening in this episode is the team calling on an “unsung hero” of the era to help them stop whatever it is Flynn has planned. Given the space program being involved, and the interest in seeing the role black female mathematicians played in the space race in movies like “Hidden Figures,” it seems likely we’ll see the “Timeless” version of one of the women highlighted in the film, or one in a similar position.

Timeless” airs Mondays at 10PM on NBC. “Stranded” will air November 21. “Space Race” will air on November 28.

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