After recently announcing "Southern Charm" is currently filming Season 4, the show was thrust into the spotlight once again. The mess that was Kathryn Dennis' life last season was enough to keep viewers glued to the television and after some consideration, she will be back once again. Despite trying to use her to his advantage, Cooper Ray was cut from the show after being shut out of cast events.

What did Cooper Ray do?

Cooper Ray has reportedly been slamming "Southern Charm" fans and Bravo cast members for several months using various aliases on the social media platform, Twitter.

According to All About the Tea, Cooper Ray had several different handles and many of them were trashing cast members and other fans who were trashing or talking badly about Ray. The interesting thing about all of this is that it was uncovered by a fan who had been doing some super sleuthing.

Why did he have aliases on Twitter?

It appears that Cooper Ray was being shut out from cast parties and subsequently let go from "Southern Charm." During his time on the show, he was dissing Patricia Altschul, his former friend.

Ray decided it would have been better if he cozied up to Kathryn Dennis because she got more screen time. With the announcement of her return and him being cut from the cast, things got a little tense on Twitter and he was outted with his aliases. While he is currently banned, there isn't any idea how long it will last. Where there is a will there is a way, and Cooper Ray isn't going to keep quiet while Season 4 is underway.

Fans are looking forward to seeing what has been happening on "Southern Charm" and where things are headed. Kathryn Dennis' fans are excited to have her back and to learn what she has been up to in recent months. The loss of Cooper Ray isn't going to affect the show negatively at all. While it will be interesting to see what is said about him (if anything actually is), there won't be any love lost on the fact he is gone.

With all of the time he has on his hands now, Ray should be searching for a job.

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