First of all we have to know who is Naruto and who is Son Goku, to differentiate the power of each one to have an idea of who could win a battle between these two rivals.

Personally the team of AcUS is in favor of Son Goku thanks to its variety of transformations and power that it obtains in each one of its transformations.

Naruto Uzumaki, his power

Although Naruto seems silly or hollow headed often as not it is not what it seems. Naruto is a hand-to-hand combat expert with a great unique ninja talent, superior to all his trainers like Tsunade, Kakashi, Jiraya and even his own father the Fourth Hokage; Minato and including the same bearer of Rinnegan, Nagato.


Like Goku, Naruto surpasses his limits of fighting to fulfill his dreams, ''something they have in common ''

He has been able to fight with most of his opponents until he has fought against the most feared shinobi of the entire saga, Madara Uchiha and his friend Obito Uchiha. It is necessary to take into account that Naruto already controls the Kyubi perfectly which would no longer be a problem when fighting against Son Goku. Uzumaki is an observer and noted because of his potential, he is among the most powerful ninjas in his village.

Goku, his power.

Given that Goku is one of the strongest characters in the ''Dragon Ball'' saga until ''Dragon Ball Super'', we cannot rule out that Naruto Uzumaki can be a rival to him. ''Despite being the strongest of the series, only Vegeta rivals the post of Warrior Z and Earth's most powerful''.

Among his abilities is the Kamehameha, the Genkidama, Kaioken, etc. One possible hypothesis is that with only one Kamehameha Goku would defeat Naruto Uzumaki, but upon receiving it he could dodge him with the hand he takes from the nine-tailed fox.

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The power of Goku in the battle could increase if Naruto also increases his power, remember that Goku and Naruto have something more in common and is that none gives all their power to start a battle, as also trust their opponent.

The video was made by fans of Naruto Shippuden and Dragon Ball Series