"Sister Wives" kicks off their new season on November 27th and if the new teaser trailer for the show is any indication, this is a family teetering on the edge of implosion. Kody Brownis the patriarch of this brood living the life of polygamy and he is still as full of himself as he ever was, which is evident in the new promo.

Family teetering on edge?

Kody is totally committed to holding this family together, he states in one of the few clips released from the new season of "Sister Wives." From the looks of the ladies of the household, that is going to take some major work.The true victim of Kody Brown having too many wives is Meri and she pulls at your heart-strings.

This is such an unhappy lady and it comes through loud and clear in the promo clip. According to Us Magazine, this new season is the eighth season for the Brown Family and "Sister Wives."

Meri's so sad

Meri also lets Kody know that he is a big part of her problems. Besides having problems with her husband, Meri is seen in a counseling session with another one of her sister wives, Janelle. Things are not going well, suggests Reality Tea after watching the promo. You don't know just what the problem is, but Meri is not seeing any progress, which she shares with the camera.

Kody taking the blame?

In the picture above Kody has a heart to heart with his daughter and then he turns to the camera to say that this was probably not a conversation he should have let the cameras in on.

He is seen in the clip trying to pin some of the blame on himself for a problem they are discussing, but once again you are not privy to what that problem is.

His daughter won't let him shoulder the blame and he doesn't press any further. The "Sister Wives" patriarch claiming this should have remained private is surprising.

Kody doesn't usually considered anything sacred. In the past we've seen his sister wives get upset and want the cameras off, but Kody lets them keep rolling.

The picture above, which was taken for the new season, says it all. Kodyappears smitten with himself once again and the promo seems to suggest he is idolized by his four sister wives looking on.

Although some might argue they appear to be laughing at him rather than lusting after him!

The downfall origin?

When "Sister Wives" first aired he had three wives who loved him just as much as he loved himself, but it seems that when Robyn joined the family as the fourth wife of Kody Brown, things drastically changed. Jealousy spiked among the three old wives and for good reason. Kody acted like a teenager with a new girlfriend and litterally had his hands on Robyn every chance he got.

While the honeymoon lusting period waned, the seed was planted and the women admitted they were jealous at times. Meri, who was Kody's first wife seemed to take it the hardest, although she became close friends with Robyn as time went on.

Now this family with 18 kids are starting to see their children get married. Fans of the show will see Maddie's wedding in the new season, according to Reality Tea.

Kody's on a mission

In the promo Kody stated his main mission is trying to keep his "Sister Wives" family together this season, so you have to wonder what else is going on. One thing you can look forward to is the re-hashing of Meri getting caught up in online dating which turned out to be a cat fishing scheme. She isn't done with the tears and guilt over that. Many of her fans don't blame her for this.

Sex advice?

Kody is seen raising his voice to his daughter's young boyfriend and he tells the kid that he can wait six months to have sex until he marries.

This scene was a bit disturbing as it wasn't father to son, but prospective father-in-law handing out one strict order. It should be interesting to see what prompted this scene. Tune on at 9 p.m. EST on November 27 to see the new season premiere of "Sister Wives." Check out the "Sister Wives" Thanksgiving preparations in the YouTube video below!

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