The new preview for "Sister Wives" is here and it turns out that we are not done hearing about Meri Brown being catfished last season. Now her daughter Mariah is speaking out about it to her dad Kody and admits that she had warned Meri she was being catfished. Of course, her mom didn't listen and found out the hard way. People shared the preview where Mariah reveals that she knew.

What did Mariah have to say?

Mariah sat down with her dad Kody Brown to talk about it all. Mariah explains that she spent the entire summer telling her mom she was being catfished. She knew about what was going on before the rest of the family did.

She explains to Kody that Meri wouldn't listen to her. It turns out that Mariah was right about what was going on with her mom.

Her daughter goes on to say that she hasn't forgiven Meri just yet. Meri even says that she feellike she is doing her life by herself. It is a hard time for both of them, but Mariah isn't living with her mom because she is off at college. This leaves Meri alone with Kody, the other wives and other children.

Now Kody and Meri are trying to fix their relationship, but at the same time Meri is trying to fix things with Mariah and also Janelle. She is going to counseling with Janelle but says that it isn't like they are becoming best friends. It looks like Meri has a lot of things going wrong and hopefully, it will start to get better for her this season on "Sister Wives."

Two weddings this year?

You will also get to see Madison Brown get married this season on "Sister Wives." This is something that the viewers are excited about watching.

Mykelti Brown will also get engaged and then the viewers may get to see her wedding soon as well. Kody says that it could just be a couple of months apart.

Are you shocked to hear that Mariah Brown knew her mom Meri was being catfished? Do you think that there could be more to this story than "Sister Wives" is sharing with the fans?

Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new season of "Sister Wives" when it starts airing on November 27 on TLC.

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