Learn to believe in finding the ability to let go and love again as Shemar Moore (former star of hit show "Criminal Minds"), Bill Bellamy (from the hit movie "The Brothers") and Nadine Velazquez (seen in blockbuster smash "Ride Along 2") all join in the refreshing, light-hearted comedy, "The Bounce Back".

"I think there is a wonderful poetry to the idea of risking it all for love," Moore explained, "After I put down the screenplay for "The Bounce Back", I knew I had to make this movie simply because I believe in love all the way down to the fabric of my being."

'The Bounce Back' is set to hit theaters nationwide on December 9, 2016.

In the opening, the heartthrob Matthew Taylor laments his thoughts on relationships and vows to keep women on a quest to find themselves and their true loves.

Such sentiments sound conspicuously untrue as expressed by professional therapist Kristin, who spent the past 6 years trying to get over a scarring relationship herself.

Matthew is seen as a roaring love doctor who sees the world through what could be; Kristin, by contrast, is a realist with the sentiment that once you're hurt in a relationship, there's no getting over it.

The two hit the road together on a whirlwind book tour arguing their sides of love. Matthew soon becomes caught up, and Kristin alike, as they face the truth of falling in love.

The film is a fresh, fun take on the old tale of love. Moore is believable and often captivating, especially in the shirtless scenes. The film flows easily and keeps the audience interested in the couple's outcome.

The film is definitely a good watch.

Although the story line is pretty much predictable, the movie still has a sweet fascination. It can definitely be said that Shemar Moore is just as charming as ever through the test of how men and women participate in the dance of love on the screen.

Although they play back and forth throughout, you still keep the hope that they will fall for each other just like they always do in films like these..

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