Sharna Burgess' injury may have taken her out of the competition in Week 8 of “Dancing With The Stars,” but the dance pro is not about to accept the idea that she's done for the season. The “DWTS” pro said after partner James Hinchcliffe snagged a perfect score with stand-in pro Jenna Johnson that she is determined to return before the finale. What's the scoop?

The 'DWTS' pro refuses to stay sidelined for long

Burgess talked with E! News after Monday's “Dancing With the Stars” and said that she's actually hoping that she can return for Week 9.

She admitted that her doctors may not be ready to give her a green light to dance again quite that quickly, but she made it sound as if she fully plans to return the following week at the latest.

After Sharna's knee injury during the Week 7 dress rehearsals, she was told by doctors that she would have to take a break from “DWTS” for three to six weeks. However, the “Dancing With the Stars” pro said that she went to Ohio to get the best treatment that she could find, and she's healing very quickly as a result.

Can Team Stop and Go still make it together to the finale?

Partner James Hinchcliffe is obviously supporting his partner as she pushes through this injury, and “DWTS” fans know that last year he had a significant accident that put him in the difficult position of battling through intense injuries himself. Viewers are rooting for “Team Stop and Go” to take home the mirror-ball trophy this season, and this is definitely a discouraging setback.

Hinchcliffe did manage to get a perfect score with stand-in pro Jenna, and Johnson will stay with him until Burgess can return. He has praised Jenna as she quickly got up to speed as his new partner, but, the James and Sharna's “DWTS” supporters are anxious to see the original pairing head to the finale together if at all possible.

Throughout much of the season, viewers have been angling to see James and Sharna go up against Laurie Hernandez and Val Chmerkovskiy, and that potential finale face-off is still a viable scenario.

Will Sharna Burgess' injury cause a change in this regard, or will Team Stop and Go be taking home the mirror-ball trophy at the end of the “Dancing With the Stars” finale?

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