American animator and show-runner, Seth MacFarlane, known for shows like "Family Guy," "American Dad," and "The Cleveland Show," has offered an ultimatum to Donald Trump that may break FCC policies.

Peter Griffin will get a bit more exposure if Trump heeds to science

According to reports, MacFarlane has vowed that he will show the character of Peter Griffin nude and uncensored, likely meaning showing genitalia, if President-Elect Trump considers “science seriously in a legislative way during his Presidency” according to a released statement made on Twitter.

Reportedly, MacFarlane was inspired to make such a promise after reading an article that detailed medicinal products being honest on their labels if they had been scientifically proven as accurate. That said, it has been speculated that MacFarlane’s main concern to promote the importance of scientific study is to help advocate climate change studies, an issue Trump has said that he would try to have an “open mind” towards, in a recent statement.

Would showcasing such a thing even be legal?

On the show, Peter Griffin has appeared nude in multiple, earlier episodes of the series, but the character’s genitalia are usually covered by his stomach.

Normally, the FCC forbids showcasing “sexual or excretory organs” on television, deeming it "indecent content," meaning that it would be unlikely for MacFarlane to actually get away with making such a promise.

"The Simpsons" was reportedly able to get away with showing Bart Simpson’s genitalia, despite even being an underage character, in the show’s theatrically released film, but it is unlikely that such a thing could be accomplished on television.

At this point, it is speculated that MacFarlane was only speaking sarcastically, suggesting that he does not truly believe that Trump would support his views on scientific studies in the upcoming administration.

That said, Family Guy was able to get away with a joke suggesting that Peter’s iconic cleft chin was actually his testicles in the third season episode, “Ready, Willing, and Disabled,” going so far as to actually have Peter take off his chin and place it in his pants.

It is likely that the show was able to get away with such a scene due to the fact that it was merely an off-hand joke. Added to that, the show has been infamous for being critical of the FCC's policies.

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