Catch up with Bobby, Kevin, Garth and more as Blasting News checks out what these actors are doing lately. With 12 seasons in, this hit CW show is the longest running sci-fi series, and it has definitely gone through its share of characters. Thankfully fans get to see these talented actors in plenty of recent projects.

Are the rumors true?

Matt Cohen

Supernatural” fans went crazy for Matt Cohen with his three appearances as the Young John Winchester and the badass archangel Michael. This actor's good looks and personality on and off stage have made him a favorite.

South Florida-raised, Cohen grew up a football and track star, then found his fame in the hugely popular series “South of Nowhere.” Lately, he has been busy playing Griffin Munro in “General Hospital," and there have been rumors that this hot star may be leaving the popular soap for "Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders."

Jim Beaver

Bobby Singer was a guy who pretty much adopted Sam and Dean Winchester and raised them as his own. Jim Beaver has a filmography filled with recent projects. Born in Laramie, WY, he plays the most incredible characters from "Deadwood" to "Justified," "Breaking Bad," "Better Call Saul," and "Bones." His latest film projects have been one of the main characters in "Crimson Peak," and he just completed the crime drama "Billy Boy" due out in theaters some time in 2017.

Also check out his touching book called "Life's That Way" that beautifully tells his story of his strength and courage of raising his teenage daughter after the loss of the love of his life.

Got his start playing a monk

Osric Chau

"Supernatural" fans grew attached to Kevin Tran, and had their hearts broken when he was killed off. Osric Chau actually made his mark as Nima in the film "2012," yet it was his role as the unwilling profit in seasons seven through season 11.

Most recently Chau is playing the very cool character of Vogle in BBC America's "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency." Pretty much married to his work, Chau is constantly writing and is working to finish a new screenplay.

Was a high fashion model

DJ Qualls

Everybody loves Garth. Thankfully his character still has possibilities and will hopefully return one day. DJ Qualls was a favorite from the 2000 comedy “Road Trip,” yet believe it or not, Qualls got his start in show biz as a fashion model for Calvin Klein and Prada.

"Supernatural” fans fell hard for the adorable hunter, Garth back in seasons seven, eight, and nine. He played the character of Citizen Z on the hit series “Z Nation,” and most recently can be spotted starring as Ed McCarthy in the new Amazon series “The Man in the High Castle.”

Mark Pellegrino

Yes "Supernatural" fans consider Lucifer to be a favorite character. Los Angeles-born actor, Mark Pellegrino portrayed the fallen angel with the perfect mixture of fear and humor. A sought after actor, Pellegrino has been constantly busy with roles in “The Returned,” “Revolution,” the American version of “Being Human,” “The Tomorrow People,” and “Quantico.” Sometime in 2017 on the big screen, fans will be seeing him in the thriller “High Wire Act” with Rosamund Pike and Jon Hamm.

Fans loved him in "Psych"

Timothy Omundson

Another unlikely favorite character, Cain, has hit home with "Supernatural" viewers. Timothy Omundson was already super popular from his role as Carlton Lassiter in USA Network’s show “Psych,” and that translated well into playing the fairly evil character of Cain. He was born in St. Joseph, Missouri, grew up in Seattle, and started acting at age 12. This very talented actor made his small screen debut in 1992 on “Seinfeld” and has been in a ton of TV shows from “Jericho,” to “24,” to his role as Cain in seasons nine and ten of “Supernatural.” Probably one of his most fun roles to watch is King Richard in ABC’s series “Galavant.” He will be seen in some upcoming films such as “Carter & June,” “Wild Honey,” and the animated film “Woody Woodpecker” due out in 2017.

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