If you thought your Thanksgiving dinners were dysfunctional, you have nothing on this year’s “scorpion” festivities. Paige’s mom is back in town.The grifter will make her debut during Nov. 21’s “Mother Load,” and she’ll come equipped with more than just a little emotional baggage. In fact, Lea Thompson’s character will have a case for Scorpion.

Happy Thanksgiving, ‘Scorpion’

Of all the members of Team Scorpion, Paige (Katherine McPhee) is the most enigmatic. While everyone from Walter (Elyes Gabel) to Cabe (Robert Patrick) have detailed aspects of their past, Ralph’s (Riley B. Smith) mother has kept mum.

That all changed on Halloween, and the holiday season will give viewers a good hard look at the Dineen family.

When Veronica (Thompson) gets out of prison, TVLine reports that a scuttled real estate deal will leave her with dangerous knowledge of a forgotten nuclear reactor. As her nefarious business associates attempt to track her down, the geniuses of Scorpion will have to stop a nuclear meltdown. In the meantime, Veronica will attempt to connect with Ralph.

“You don’t really know that much about Paige’s past,” McPhee teased, according to Entertainment Weekly. “This season, you’re going to really learn a lot about what her background is and where she came from. It’s good meaty stuff for Paige.”

Will Veronica stick around?

Don’t expect Grandma Dineen to leave straight away.

She certainly sounds like someone Paige would like to keep out of her life, but Thompson will appear through at least episode 10. Set to air in December, the post-“Mother Load” hour filmed in mid-October. Thompson clued fans in on her continuing role with the following pic:

According to TVLine, Veronica will take a shine to Walter.

In fact, the con will even give him tips on how to woo her daughter. In the meantime, Walter and co. will take on the presidential election in “We’re Going to Need a Bigger Vote” (Nov. 7) and head back to Ireland in “Sly and the Family Stone” (Nov. 14).

Find out more when “Scorpion” airs Mondays at 10 p.m.

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