Scheana Shay weight-loss secrets revealed

While the internet has been buzzing lately regarding the recent split between Scheana Shay and her husband Mike Shay, another topic of discussion that has been circulating of late has to do with her weight-loss. A recent article published on Inquisitr speculated as to whether or not Scheana Shay was using products like Hydroxycut (a product for which she is a spokesperson), and whether that might be what has been behind her slimmer figure. Whether you put on pounds or lose them, when you're in the public eye like Scheana Shay is, that also often means that you are fair game for public scrutiny, as some users on social media criticized the "Vanderpump Rules" star for being too skinny.

A fan recently asked the star on Twitter what her secret was to her more slender figure, and the 31-year-old was quick to divulge:

Scheana Shay and Stassi Schroeder in Chicago

While the star referenced the tried and true method of diet and exercise as her go-to for shedding the pounds, it's also clear that the star doesn't take herself too seriously. While she does also reference cutting down on the booze, it seems like she may have taken a break from that regimen over the weekend when she was spotted partying with fellow "Vanderpump Rules" co-star Stassi Schroeder in Chicago.

The pair gave fans plenty to look at, as they posted updates and photos on Twitter and Instagram, including a few short clips of all the fun they were both having. Both women have been through their own personal struggles of late, and both seem to have made the best use of their time together in the Windy City to let loose and blow off some steam in the process.

According to Reality Tea, she managed to drop a rather impressive 25 pounds in all, and she seems happy with her newly sculpted figure, regardless of what the occasional online hater might have to say.

To see more of Scheana Shay and Stassi Shroeder, tune in to the new season of "Vanderpump Rules," currently airing on Bravo.

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