Headed for splitsville?

It was recently reported on Blasting News, and other major media outlets like Radar Online and E! News that Mike Shay (husband to "Vanderpump Rules" star Scheana Shay) had recently disappeared. It was cause for alarm, as Mike Shay seemed to have disappeared without a word, along with clearing out a joint bank account that he and Scheana Shay shared.

It was originally speculated that husband Mike Shay may have disappeared to go on a bender, as he has struggled in the past with prescription pill addiction. On top of which, Mike Shay was mixing said pills with alcohol, which, of course, is a dangerous cocktail to consume.

Scheana Shay: colorful dating history

While it has been reported that husband Mike Shay left Scheana -- and not the other way around, the "Vanderpump Rules" star has certainly had an interesting dating history over the years. The 31-year-old SUR waitress was linked to guitar virtuoso, and all-around ladies man John Mayer. According to Radar Online, that list also included a married Eddie Cibrian.

Is there a future for Mike and Scheana Shay?

There have been reports circulating for the last few months that the marriage between the couple was indeed on the rocks. Even so, just recently Scheana Shay was quoted by E! News as saying:

"We are in the best place we've ever been in. He's not drinking anymore.

He hasn't taken a pill in well over a year now. We're doing amazing. He's doing a lot of stuff with music, rapping, singing, DJing, producing, he's doing it all right now. It's exciting. He's doing really good."

In light of recent events, the above quote now reads as rather cryptic, as it has also been speculated that husband Mike Shay was feeling as though Scheana was not being supportive of his music career and his projects.

Further reports and updates will likely trickle in as more details come to the surface in the following days. Fans also have to wonder if perhaps they will get to see this recent drama unfold in future episodes of "Vanderpump Rules."

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