Scheana Marie Shay is looking great and has obviously lost some weight. The thing is the fans of the "Vanderpump Rules" star assumed that she did it from using diet pills, but now she is speaking out and wants everyone to know that is not the case at all. Reality Tea shared what Scheana Marie had to say about her weight loss recently.

So how does she say she lost the weight?

Scheana did a video on Wetpaint and in this clip she talked about how fans are speaking out to her saying they think she lost weight from using the pills Hydroxycut.

She does post about working out and also dieting. The thing is Scheana is also posting about Hydroxycut, and it is obvious they are paying her for it. Now she is speaking out and says she lost the weight the "natural, right way to do it: diet and exercise. No pills, no gimmicks, no anything. I got on a meal plan; I worked out with a personal trainer, six days a week, for several months."

Her version is that she lost the weight and then the company reached out to her. She started using it, but not to lose weight.

She says she uses it instead for an energy boost. It has nothing to do with losing weight according to her. Now the fans just have to decide if they want to believe her or not. A long time ago she put a caption about using it instead of coffee.

Celebrities get paid really big bucks to promote things like this on their social networks. It would make total sense that Scheana Marie Shay would decide to take advantage of this opportunity.

You never know what you might see her promoting on her social networks next.

Right now, Scheana Marie is dealing with a lot of rumors about her relationship with husband Mike Shay. So far, the couple isn't revealing exactly what is going on, and fans are going to have to wait for it to all air on the show more than likely.

Are you shocked to hear that Scheana Marie Shay didn't lose her weight from using Hydroxycut?

Do you believe her that she did it all natural? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Vanderpump Rules" on Monday nights on Bravo.

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