Scheana Marie and Mike Shay appear to be headed in different directions. As divorce rumors continue to swirl, the "Vanderpump Rules" couple is keeping their distance and focusing on their careers.

Since news of the reality star's allegedly upcoming split hit the web earlier this month, Scheana has been busy tweeting to her fans about the Bravo reality series and sharing photos of her travels with her co-stars on Instagram. Meanwhile, Mike kept a low profile on social media up until last night when he finally returned and shared a video clip of himself at a studio in Los Angeles.

"Love my office!" the reality star wrote to his fans and followers, along with the hashtag, "Follow your dreams, it's worth it." In the video, which was taken at the ABC Rehearsal Studios, Mike was seen bobbing his head to a song created by Luke Christopher.

Although several fans shared comments to Mike asking about his wife, Scheana Marie, and their relationship, Mike didn't say a thing about her. Instead, he responded to one of her friends, Ajee Montes, who asked him about the song.

Mike Shay denies drug relapse

When rumors regarding Scheana Marie's possible plans for divorce were first reported, it was alleged that there had been suspicions of a possible release. According to reports, which Mike has since denied, he had possibly fallen off of the wagon and gone missing for days. After the rumors began swirling, however, Mike took to Instagram where he shared a photo of himself reading the Los Angeles times and told fans that he was sober and not missing.

Also in his post, Mike told fans that he loved his wife and would always love his wife and suggested that whatever it was they were going through would remain between the two of them. As for Scheana, she has not said much at all on social media when it comes to addressing her potential divorce.

To see more of Scheana Marie, Mike Shay and their relationship, tune in to new episodes of the 5th season of "Vanderpump Rules" on Bravo TV at 9 p.m.

on Monday nights.

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