Robert De Niro is a veteran Hollywood star. He has been acting since 1963 and is known for his realistic portrayal in his roles. Robert has his roots in Italy as his grandfather emigrated from the small town of Ferrazzano in 1890. Robert De Niro has acted in some memorable Hollywood films like "Raging Bull," "Taxi Driver," and "The Godfather." Robert has been one of the outspoken critics of Donald Trump.

De Niro on Trump

A few weeks back when Donald was in the thick of his campaign Robert is reported to have announced in an interview that he felt so bad about Donald Trump that he wished to box and punch him in the face.

He also went on to jocularly remark that in case Donald won the election he would leave the USA and take asylum in Italy.

The victory of Trump has not brought about any change in the thinking of Robert. Earlier he had called the GOP candidate "a punk, a dog, a pig, a bull, and a mutt." He also said that he felt like punching him in the face. These are strong words and show the disgust of De Niro for Donald.

Offer for asylum

The Mayor of Ferrazzano, Antonio Cerio has taken the words of Robert at their literal value. He has offered asylum to Robert in his ancestral home as Donald has won the election. He was of the view that in case Robert chose to come back to his ancestral home he would be welcomed with open arms.

The mayor has further remarked that in case a victory of Donald Trump facilitates a visit by Robert De Niro to Ferrazzano then it would be something welcome.

Robert De Niro has stated that after Donald won the election he had a similar feeling to the one he had when the terrorist attack took place on 9/11.

De Niro represents the confusion sweeping America after the surprise win of Donald Trump. The confusion was created by the press and media when it projected Hillary as a sure shot winner.

Last word

His remarks of leaving the USA and taking asylum in case Donald won were not serious, as he assumed like many that Donald would lose.

But the opposite has happened and this has led to confusion in the minds of many.

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