Leading up to the 2016 election, the consensus was that Donald Trump would fall in defeat to Hillary Clinton, and the United States would have its first female commander in chief. Those dreams were put on hold as Trump was elected the next president, while some of his harshest critics continue to speak out.

Reiner on Trump

One of the great political divides in the United States is often centered around Hollywood and the media. The majority of the entertainment business is often accused of having a left-wing bias, as liberals usually dominate the field.

Due to this, Republicans and conservatives often paint entertainment stars as the enemy, claiming they are too far removed from reality to connect to the average American. While Donald Trump is a former reality TV star, he was not embraced by Hollywood, mostly due to his controversial rhetoric directed towards minorities. Since his election win, many have wondered how Trump's presidency will be handled in Hollywood, which was a topic of discussion when actor and filmmaker Rob Reiner joined the November 26 edition of "AM Joy" on MSNBC.

Joining host Joy Reid was critically acclaimed actor and director Rob Reiner. After the MSNBC host asked the award winning director if Hollywood would participate in the normalization of Trump's presidency, which would include a ceremony at the Kennedy Center, Reiner didn't hold back his thoughts.

"I hope not. I am hoping that we never make it to the first Kennedy Center honors," Reiner said, before predicting, "Once he breaks that Emoluments Clause clause, which he will, which is self-dealing and self-interest. It's gonna be conflict of interest." The Emoluments Clause prevents any president from receiving or accepting any gifts from a foreign country, which Trump has already been accused of breaking.

"Hopefully the Republicans in the House will have the guts to say these are impeachable offenses and he doesn't make it to that first Kennedy Center honors," Reiner concluded. Rob Reiner has been a vocal critic of Trump, and his history is well-documented for being a champion for liberal and progressive causes. In the 1970s, Reiner co-starred as Michael Stivic, known as "Meathead," on the hit TV show "All in the Family." Reiner's portrayal as the young liberal worked to perfection opposite the conservative Archie Bunker, played by the late Carrol O'Connor.

Next up

In less than two months, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the next President of the United States. Baring a unlikely impeachment that Rob Reiner has called for, the American people will witness a Trump administration for the next four years.

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