Was there a setup by one or more "RHOC" cast members when Kelly Dodd appeared on "Watch What Happens Live" on Monday night? Dodd was asked some very uncomfortable questions by callers who managed to get through.Kelly was asked about rumors that she cheated with a man named Frank. "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star appeared caught off guard at the woman's accusation. Andy Cohen was extremely confused by the caller's question as well.

Kelly fired back at the caller that she didn't know what she was "alluding" to, but she never had an affair with Frank, someone she described as a friend of the family's.

Dodd asked the caller if she received a text from some wack job, meaning one of her fellow "RHOC" cast members -- possibly Tamra Judge or Shannon Beador.

In the end, Kelly Dodd tried clearing up the situation by telling Andy that it had something to do with a girl from about two years ago and that it's no secret she and her husband, Michael, had been having problems which led to their separation before reconciling again.Frank isn't someone that's been mentioned before, however. Kelly revealed that he's like a "brother" to her and currently a friend of the family. She told the caller to go ahead and call Frank if she wanted to.

After her embarrassing incident on the show, Kelly tweeted some screenshots of text messages between Tamra and a person who wanted to call into the show.

It appeared that Tamra wanted to help setup Kelly on "WWHL" by having a caller manipulate the person in charge of letting calls through to the show. The tweet is shown below.

Andy Cohen noticed the reactions of viewers after "WWHL" and tweeted an apology stating that a couple of callers went rogue on the air after lying to the screener about what questions they were going to ask.

He added that Kelly suspected she was going to be setup somehow, but that production sure didn't.

Kelly and Tamra are serious enemies now and don't like one another.

Its gotten to a point now where it's pure viciousness between them. It appears to be a "RHOC" setup by at least one of the cast members. Is anyone else behind it? Vicki Gunvalson is the only real friend that Kelly has and with Meghan King Edmonds moving to St. Louis and leaving the show, who else will she have in her corner next season?

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