Brandi Glanville may have gone just too far this time around in an attempt to sway some holiday attention her way. Her recent pose in a nativity scene is not only jaw-dropping, but disturbing to see for both religious and non-religious folks. Glanville creates the image of giving birth to the baby Jesus nestled in a nativity scene by squatting and displaying a facial grimace as the other figures appear to look on.

Squats over baby Jesus image

According to the New York Daily News Glanville thought it would be "funny" to squat and pose as if she were giving birth to the baby Jesus. That thought backfired because as soon as she posted the picture to social media, the verbal hammer came down upon the "RHOBH" star.

Gone, but not forgotten!

The blacklash was instant and the reprimands sent Glanville's way varied in level of disgust and anger, so the Instagram post was taken down. Although Glanville deleted the post, it remains online forever in the form of screen shots and retweets, which are conjuring up even more ire today.

Reminded of the 'reason'

Glanville captioned the picture, "Never Forget the Reason for the Season," and that's just what her fans did, remind her of the reasons we celebrate Christmas.

The nativity scene is religious based, adding even another reason she shouldn't have done this, as some are taking this pose as Glanville poking fun at their religion.

Lambasted on social media

It wasn't just the religious minded who found the "RHOBH" star offensive. One user asked her, "Are you stupid or something?" This was after they informed Glanville in a tweet that she's managed to "offend practically everyone with this post." Did this housewife send out an apology to all those she offended with this distasteful picture?...


No apology?

She did however tell everyone to "chill the f--k out and take a joke." This did nothing but add insult to injury so needless to say a lot of her fan base was turned off with this antic. Perez Hilton chimed in to say that Brandi Glanville did it this time, as she "really stepped in it." As Hilton reports, the " Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star has "everyone talking " today.

This is far from the first time this controversial star of "RHOBH" stirred up angst in people online. She seems to have a need for attention much more so than most reality TV stars today. Well, If it was attention she wanted, attention she got!

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