'Real Housewives of Atlanta' returning

The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" are known for being a busy group of ladies. So much drama, hidden agendas, competitive natures, and jealousy. As a group they offer it all. That is why fans can't wait for the show to return in a few days!Each of the housewives have been a guestof "The Real."According toAll About the Tea,"Kandi Burruss will be on Friday, November 4th. Without wasting any time, the talk went to the problem between herself and co-star Porsha Williams.

Apparently Porsha has said that Kandi was the one who initiated a threesome with Porsha and her husband Todd.

Kandi, on the other hand, says it wasn't quite like that. She remembers it as simply a kiss between the two stars of "Real Housewives of Atlanta" a couple of years back. Kandi says it didn't go any further but Porsha had sure wanted it to and asked both Todd and Kandi to join her in her hotel room! Kandi even pulled out her cell phone to show the text message Porsha had sent her the next day acknowledging they were a little ummmm.... excited the previous evening.

Kandi accused Porsha of always trying to make her look bad to the fans of "Real Housewives of Atlanta."Her company, Bedroom Kandi, is a sex toy company. This could lead folks to believe she is a little on the freaky side behind closed doors.

She claims that Porsha has exaggerated some details and stretched the truth instead of just being honest about what happened between them and Porsha's husband.

More drama?

This drama is a precursor to Season 9. Fansknow that the unveiling of Chateau Sheree and Moore Manor will be coming up. Both Kenya Moore and Sheree Whitfield have worked hard on their dream homes.

Though some details have been released on social media, there is a lot more to see!

Also this season, fans will watch the end of the marriage between Cynthia Bailey and her estranged husband Thomas. The couple was married on the show and have been very open about the problems they faced during the course of their marriage.

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" will air on November 6th at 8PM Eastern on Bravo. Don't forget to set your DVR!

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