One of the founding fathers of hip-hop, hip-hop group member of Run-DMC, and minister Joseph “Reverend Run” Simmons has obtained more than a teenage following in the reality television arena. After six seasons of the MTV hit “Run’s House,” Rev Run and wife Justine Simmons wanted to attract watchers of the Cooking Channel with “Rev Run’s Sunday Suppers” as well as DIY network viewers by televising room makeovers in their New Jersey mansion on “Rev Run’s Renovation.” Travel Channel fanatics even got to tag-along on his family vacations to other countries by watching “Rev Runs Around the World.” But recently the TV couple has decided to go a slightly different direction in the entertainment industry, becoming the producers and stars of a scripted comedy for the whole family.

Additionally ABC is the chosen network out of several other interests, agreeing to air its pilot episode.

New show, not based on the couple

According to an Oct. 24 article and Rev’s Instagram post, Joseph and Justine Simmons have lead acting roles on the new show yet to be named. The show isn’t inspired by true occurences or ordinary, real life events. The show’s storyline, however, is built around a well-known rapper whose attempt to back out of the spotlight is deterred by his wife’s desire to gain her own celebrity status. The show will also be produced with writer of The Mindy Project, Jeremy Bronson and Jhoni Marchinko who’s worked on “Will & Grace.” Along with the new Simmons comedy, Bronson has his hands on a similar ABC comedy, also in the works, about a ‘wanna-be’ rap star who runs for mayor, using the platform as a way to get his mixtape better publicized.

Unexpectedly, the rapper wins votes, becoming a city head instead. The show is temporarily being referred to as “City Mayor Project” as it doesn’t have an official name yet either.

From reality shows to talk show

Rev Run’s current undertaking comes after his hosting gig on the OWN talk show with singer and actor Tyrese Gibson, “It’s Not You, It’s Men.” The series of adult discussions on love and relationships with a variety of guest celebs was an idea that erupted from their book ‘Manology: Secrets of Your Man’s Mind Revealed.’ Unfortunately, the talk show was not approved for a second season, as confirmed by Tyrese’s Instagram in August.

Gibson embraced on his post how grateful he was for the opportunity Oprah gave him to start conversation on untouched topics and wrote that the show will search for a new network.

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