"The Walking Dead's"verified Twitter account has been active lately, mainly with tweets that promote this weekend's upcoming show. However, they also tweeted happy birthday wishes to Seth Gilliam, who plays Father Gabriel Stokes on the show (he turned 48 on Saturday). The tweets from the verified account are full of spoiler alerts, but there's not much in the article you're reading right now that will ruin your viewing experience if you plan to tune in this weekend.

A hint of the Sanctuary

On Friday, "The Walking Dead" tweeted: "Get your first look at the Sanctuary in this sneak peak of Sunday's #TWD" (tweet below).

The sneak peak starts with an overhead shot of several chained up walkers with a couple workers in their midst. Dwight is then shown eating lunch when noise from the Sanctuary grabs his attention. With an eye-line match as Dwight turns his head, workers are then shown handling some walkers as the situation with the workers grabs Dwight's full attention.

Dwight thenclimbs some stairs to get an overhead viewpoint of the area as the workers back away from someaggressive walkers. One of them almost backs into one that appears to be impaled.

Dwight grimacesever so slightly at what he seems to perceive as suffering while the walker slides up and down the impaling stake as itkneels and stands. The clip continues with just of touch of saddening music played withthe suffering walker central to the footage. The caption for the clip below is available at AMC.com and it reads: "Dwight watches workers reinforce the Sanctuary’s protective barrier.

Don’t miss the next episode of The Walking Dead, Sunday, November 6 at 9/8c."

If you missed the first two episodes this season

Video extras from AMC.com offer another short clip of the upcoming episode, one that won't ruin the viewing experience for fans.

Dwight is central again in the same setting as the clip above. He uses his crossbow to help a worker struggling with a walker while Daryl quietly watches. Dwight then offers Daryl a piece of advice. If you missed either or both of the first two episodes of the current season then they can be watched in full at AMC.com.

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